Writing Discussion

Sometimes terminology and identity intersect, so it’s important to get right. Here are a couple of resources that I’ve found helpful so far:

Introduction to Disability Terminology – Here’s a brief rundown of how to write about disability in your stories. It’s a fantastic website overall. There are likely some things you haven’t considered yet.

Writing Characters of Different Genders | Trans, Non-Binary, Cisgender, More – This is a link to a bunch of great resources here. Also, the Writing the Other classes have gotten good recommendations from people whose opinions I trust.

Now, I hope you all get back to enjoying the holiday silly season. I’ve got some presents to wrap 🙂

Do you have any links to share?


Writing Discussion

More awesomesauce links for writers.

Brief Analysis of the Alphahole trope in Romance Fiction – Oh this is a good one (also hilarious) and it doesn’t matter if you don’t write Romance. This trope shows up everywhere. Bruce Wayne? Totally an Alphahole. More on that if you read it.

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions – A long list if you’re thinking about a new story. Not just useful for fantasy, but any story that’s not set here and now.

Writing With Color – Ways to describe skin color without resorting to those dreaded food analogies.

Names of the World – A starting point for finding names common in different countries. When baby name websites aren’t enough. via Tam MacNeil who also posts tons of writing resources and happens to write cool books too.

Useful stuff. Do you have any links to share?