Must compose hasty missive. The baby overlord is finally asleep but I may have only minutes to type.

Observations from the field:

Babies appear harmless at first glance. Their heads are floppy and they start out unable to fend for themselves.

Due to this condition, parental units are assigned under the guise of voluntary service. However, few parentals (even those who have previously served under other baby overlords) judge correctly the amount of work involved. I suspect the perpetual sleep deprivation makes it hard for second timers to remember the previous experience.

Baby overlord’s disciplinary tool of choice is a cry biologically designed to be the most irritating sound in existence. Parental units are most vulnerable to this frequency.

The first weeks of service are most demanding. The baby overlord may request food or attention at any hour of day or night. Parental units may have to choose between eating, sleeping or personal hygiene practices during the brief moments between feedings.

Because the species are so different, misunderstandings are bound to occur. Misunderstandings result in further use of the disciplinary tool mentioned above.

Strongly suspect their species would not survive if they were not so cute.

Baby is stirring. Must end missive. Enclosed is a photo of our baby overlord. Looks harmless, but looks can be deceiving. Please send cookies.




Casey Blair tagged me in a game of 777, and I’m happy to play along. The rules are to start on page seven, seven lines down, and post seven sentences of your work. So here we go (An excerpt from the bronze age fantasy I worked on last):

“We have wintered here for five generations. We will not leave.” Her mother stood stiff as a rod, and threaded her arm through Tama’s so that she could not run. “Patience, child,” she whispered softly.

They were near enough to Qin lands that they encountered the foreigners often and spoke their language passably well, but never had Tama seen Qin dressed for war. Their black lacquered armour was not much different from their own, but the soldiers wore their hair in elaborate braids, or topknots, tilted off center. Several soldiers displayed ribbons of red and blue pinned to their breasts.

I’m tagging anyone who wants to play. Send me links to your juicy writing tidbits. You know you want to.